Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taylor Swift: An American, an inspiration, & a princess

This has nothing to do with what went down the other night at the VMA's with Kayne's jackass, first of all. For a long time I've liked Taylor Swift, and like the rest of the world was swept up by her sweet, American girl self. She seems so normal, and I've never said that about a celebrity before and actually meant it.

I remember reading Rolling Stone, Seventeen, etc, and just being mesmerized by how ridiculously kind-hearted she is. She's so much like a "princess", but without the diva aspect of it that girl's of my generation have adopted. So many girls these days claim they're "princesses", but really a majority of them are just spoiled brats and want everything handed to them on a silver platter. Check out a princess movie girls, real princesses aren't rude Miss. Priss's, they're adorable, polite, and wonderfully nice. Also, by adorable I do not mean physically attractive. You can be anyone of any shape, look, size, whatever and be adorable. It's all about how you carry yourself!

I will admit that after the VMA scandal I've seen Taylor around the media more, like on TV, the internet, etc, which has sparked my sudden, larger interest in her. Today I checked out her YouTube channel (which is absolutely hilarious) so I could listen to a song of her's that I love, and I saw that she had "vlogs". I was surprised. In them you can really tell how truly kind and deeply genuine she is. I love the video where she pulls cinnamon rolls out of her purse, and her cousin—I think it was her cousin—thought she was weird for carrying them around all day in her purse, haha. I could really relate because that's definitely something I would do. I know she loves to bake too (or at least I think she does), which I've read about before in a magazine, and I love to bake all the time.

If I could choose exactly how I wanted to be in my "perfect life" (I know no one's life is perfect, but perfect compared to mine) I'd want to be just like her. :) You're a true inspiration Taylor to so many young girls, teenage girls, young and old women alike on how to be a proper lady!

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