Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marilyn Manson has the H1N1 virus.

     You probably haven't heard unless you follow him as closely as I do, but Marilyn Manson has been diagnosed with H1N1, the human version of the infamous Swine Flu virus. Manson posted a bulletin about it on Myspace, seemingly self-written. I wouldn't be surprised if the news had made it's way over to his official website by now. Anyway, on Myspace he has released the following statement:

"So I have officially been diagnosed, by a real doctor, with THE SWINE FLU. I know everyone will suggest that fucking a pig is how this disease was obtained. However, the doctor said, my past choices in women have in no way contributed to me acquiring this mysterious sickness.
Unfortunately, I am going to survive. M

     What irritates me is that people are saying things like "enjoy the publicity", "you're lying", etc, as Manson himself would say. I find it interesting that people of such ignorance enjoy his music right alongside me (I wouldn't doubt that the person I fought at Mayhem Festival was one of these people), but perhaps he's aware of that. The fact that he recognized it as "Swine Flu" instead of the correct name, "H1N1", hints that he knows some of his fans might not be the brightest. Some would probably wonder what H1N1 even was, therefore making it pointless to even call it that, except for the sake of being correct. However, maybe he chose to say Swine Flu so the following joke would make sense and evoke laughter, but who knows.

     Moving on, why is it so unbelievable for a celebrity to get H1N1? If anything, they have a higher risk of contracting the virus than you or I. Every time they step out of their front door they're bombarded by throngs of fans and click-happy paparazzi, only to be followed wherever they choose to go. (I'm a little surprised there's not pictures out of Manson going to the specific doctor he mentions, but maybe that will show up in this week's magazine line-up.) Do you see these famous faces covered by masks? Sure don't, at least I haven't--and a lot of gossip magazines make their way through my house.

     Personally, I believe the chances are higher for a musical artist to get the virus as opposed to an actor, especially if they're on tour. Imagine all of the hands they touch during their set, or all of the fans that touch them just in passing to and from tour buses and what-not? What about all the people breathing or coughing in the general admission section of the venue, so close to the singer? Consider closed venues for a moment, where the infected air cannot even escape into the outside air, only to be inhaled repeatedly? The possibilities of getting the virus are basically endless, so it's shocking that he's the only--reported--star to fall ill so far.

     To argue my point further, the day of Mayhem Festival was my first contagious day with H1N1. (You're contagious a day before and up to seven days after your first "sick day".) I could have almost touched him I was so close, so it's very possible I'm the one that gave it to him. Highly unlikely because that was over a month ago, but you get my point. I don't believe I was the only person to attend one of his shows that was contagious with the virus, some not even knowing like me.

     So Marilyn Manson, I believe you, and I'm glad you're going to survive, because the world needs people like us to survive. Take care of yourself, because even a month later it's affecting me to the extreme that I was hospitalized. Get well soon! xo


Trixie Racer said...

Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately my hacked connection is to slow right now to view his website.

* Btw, you write very well. :)

Alexis! said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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Alexis! said...

That would be impossible, as you posted anonymously. Besides, I'm not sure what you even disagree with.

Anonymous said...

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And you et an account on Twitter?

Alexis! said...

Sure go ahead, and yes I do have a twitter

Please link back to me if you quote me :)