Monday, September 21, 2009

Shopping Expedition Part 2

     Finally the weekend came for round two of shopping for bright, new clothes! If you've read entries Life Redecoration and Shopping Expedition Part 1, you know that I desperately need new clothes. Even my dad admitted today a lot of my clothes are out of style. On a normal day I wear jeans, skater shoes or sandals (usually the latter lately), and a black Marilyn Manson t-shirt that I swim in they're all so big. Um, ew? What seventeen year old girl walks around wearing that and gets a date or a head turn? Oh right, hardly any, and if you have you're really either lucky or really gorgeous as it is. Don't get me wrong though, attracting attention from your sexual preference isn't all that matters when you pick out your wardrobe, but my dark clothes have definitely been dragging me down with them into the depths of darkness.

     Yesterday my dad and I left for the Florida mall once again, and went to lunch at Buca Di Beppo before we went shopping. However, in the middle of our lunch, I inquired casually, "Did you bring the coupons?" Famous last words of our "shopping trip" that day. I really wanted to use my coupons, so we just went and saw Inglourious Basterds downtown at the Plaza Cafe because he hadn't seen it yet and I didn't mind seeing it again.

     Today I woke up fairly early to my mom calling me to tell me that she felt well enough to go shopping. Surprised, I rolled out of bed enthusiastically to get ready, and then my dad and I left. I also took my Adderall this morning, which completely changed my attitude and energy today I thought. We headed to the Florida mall again for round three in the past week, and went directly into Aeropostale without stopping at any other store—okay, maybe just one.

     The first thing we tried to purchase was the jacket I've been admiring for a month now. Unfortunately, the employees hassled my dad about the coupon from Seventeen that he was trying to use, which clearly states that it's valid for items up to $59.95 after they have been marked down by the store. Originally the jacket is $99.95, and they were too dumb to understand the complex wording of the coupon's fine print, so I didn't get the jacket. I wasn't upset about it at all though, I had already picked out what I would get instead if the jacket weren't meant to be mine. My dad was actually angrier than I was, at one point saying quite loudly for the store employee's to hear him, "Today is the last day Aeropostale gets my money!" In an appropriate tone, I talked him down by saying that it's not the corporation's fault that they hired a dumb employee, and then later on shouting at him to "SMIZE THROUGH IT!", which got a few ladies looking in my direction. Not sure if they got the reference, but if you did ten awesome points for you!

      So anyway, I tried on a ton of shirts, sweaters, and dresses. Some were very flattering, some weren't. (Some white shirts just show off too much of the goods underneath.) The dress I tried on was personally a little daring although lovely—a short knitted ensemble—but I wouldn't wear it unless I had heels to go with it, so I didn't get it. My dad said it looked very nice on me though, which boosted my confidence a little knowing that he didn't think I looked like a hooker or anything. Anyway, here are pictures of what my wonderful dad did end up getting me. :)

     Two of the shirts that I got—ironically one of them being my favorite out of the bunch—aren't listed on the website so there's no pictures of them shown here. I couldn't find photos of them anywhere else on the web either, which stinks. I promise you though, they're adorable! Haha. I might have a private fashion show tomorrow in the privacy of my room, so I might post pictures of that if it actually happens.

     The striped grey and black sweater—the last picture shown—I am absolutely in love with. It's a "boob sweater", but I'll be respectful of my body any time I wear it and wear a cami underneath, don't worry. Regardless, I can't wait to rock it out, it's so cute and girly. I've wanted a sweater like that for as long as I can remember and I finally got one! I really didn't expect my dad to say it was okay to get it—plus two more shirts.. my dad rocks, really—he really didn't have to. I'm really happy with all the tops I got, my dad got me more than I expected and I'm really grateful. I must have thanked him ten times at least in the car on the way to meet my mom.

     Due to the jacket fiasco, my mom and I went to another Aeropostale at the Pr1me Outlets. I knew she would fight to the death to get my jacket for the coupon price, she's excellent at arguing a point and has absolutely no shame in getting loud. I'm like that too too, but I'm a little shy when it comes to stuff like arguing with employees of a business, something I really need to mature past. At least I recognize it as an issue though, which is a step, although tiny. Anyway, we went in and looked around, she got some jackets and sleeping pants, and we got my jacket. Headed up to the register, and they didn't even hassle us at all. Go figure, right? The only problem was the girl had to ask the manager if it was considered a "hoodie", and thankfully she was intelligent enough to understand the fine print. So here it is world...

     The cutest jacket I've ever owned! I live in Florida and this is completely lined in faux fur, but hey, let me live my dream of having a furry jacket at some point in my life, haha. I enjoy looking like an eskimo. :) I still don't feel like I deserved any of this (because I don't), but I suppose all I can do is be grateful and smize through it. :|


Lauren - x said...

wow, i love all the stuff you got :) especially your jacket! its gorgeous.
quite jealous that you live in america. we cant get any of that stuff here :(

Alexis! said...

Thank you!

If you're pretty knowledgeable on your sizes, you could always order online. :) I'd bet they deliver out of the country, I don't see why they wouldn't.