Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/11 & Current Events

I got to thinking about how I should comment on current events regularly on COSA18 to create a "time stamp" of sorts if it's ever read years later. I personally would think it'd be neat to read COSA18 five years from now and say upon reading an entry about a certain musical artist, "Oh yeah, I remember the 46th time Kanye West was an asshole!" You catch my drift, I'd imagine. I'm not going to talk about him right now though, except for the fact that I think it's really awesome that Obama called him a jackass. (Like Chelsea Handler said, I wonder if he'll retort with "President Obama hates black people!")

What I do want to talk about though, is September 11th. I didn't blog about it this past Friday, when I should have. For weeks prior to the anniversary, it was on my mind. Throughout the actual day I prayed for the people that lost their lives and those that are blessed to still be with us. I think a lot of us forget about the people that survived, who are still suffering from the terrorist attack eight years ago. At least those that died that day (or shortly after) are at peace now.

I wish 9/11 had never happened, but there's nothing that will ever change that. I'd like to believe that it's made our country stronger, and more unified, but I don't really know. The most important thing is to never forget what happened, and what we all endured that day as Americans.

If you're curious...
I was at school on September 11th, 2001, and in the fourth grade. I remember coming back to my homeroom from another class and passing the TV that was on, which was unusual, but I didn't think much of it.

In passing, I saw burning buildings and assumed a building was on fire downtown (I lived in Tampa, which has decently-sized buildings). I didn't give it a second thought, but then, as you know, things got serious. Kids started getting picked up by their parents, my teacher started crying, announcements over the intercom echoed throughout the school at fifteen minute intervals about things I can't even recall. The adults around me were starting to panic because we all lived and were currently located so close to a military base, and us kids didn't know what was even happening.

I don't remember seeing the second plane crash into the towers on the television. It might had already happened by the time I walked into homeroom, or I could have just missed it.

I also wasn't one of the kids that got picked up. I didn't know for the entire day what had happened, and I don't even remember how and when it was explained to me later on, if it even was that day. Honestly I don't even remember the moment I found out what really happened.

Still to this day, eight years later, I watch specials on TV about the tragedy and breathlessly whisper by reflex, "Oh my god," when I see those planes enter the buildings that they did. I cannot hold in my words expressing my shock, and I cannot hold back my tears.

Tonight I think I'll light a white candle for a while, in memory of everything that happened that day. I remember my biological mother lighting white candles and placing them in the window at some point after 9/11. I wonder if people still do that all these years later? Do you?

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