Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear my most recent ex,

     I want to know why you weren't aren't the guy you always promised me. You always said you were going to change into something, what exactly I didn't know for sure. You swore to me it'd be something I'd love even more than what was on the other end of my Blackberry. The truth is I already loved what was on the other end of my can and string; I didn't want you to change. I didn't need you to change, and you shouldn't have ever felt you needed to.

     Your "change" that you thought you and our relationship so desperately needed is what drove us apart, or at least drove me from you. It's not that you changed, it's what you changed. There was no reason for you to turn into an inconsiderate jerk and liar, no reason at all in relation to anything. It didn't help me, it didn't help our relationship, and most importantly it didn't help you, despite what you may think. If you think you've changed into something better, try to bring out the old you, the one I loved dearly, and realize your vision is clouded.

     I am finally over not having spent those extra days with you that I could have. As difficult as it was to leave you, I'm glad I stepped on that plane that day. I realize that we could have had more memories, but it would have made me miss you more and it would have made this harder when it's already unbelievably hard. I can admit that, and I hope it makes you truly understand that I am not void of all emotions.

I remember when this was the only thing that ever crossed my mind when I thought of you:


Girl Meets Gun said...

i've written a letter like this, too.

except it was called, "dear q-tip".

that's what my ex's head was shaped like. :)

Alexis! said...

Haha! That's awesome. :) I wish I would have thought up a funny nickname before I ranted!