Sunday, September 6, 2009

My aggravation will come through, it fuels me.

Early this morning I wrote...

Today was a day that nothing had changed. If the time warp dance works, I must have done it last night in my sleep because I woke up today and it was months ago.

Later on this afternoon...

I should have been ready for this. This entire time I've been verbally committed to public humiliation, but nothing more than that. I suppose that day has come, I just didn't expect my public belittlement to come from a long time friend. Your friends become enemies and your enemies become friends.


You know what, maybe so. Perhaps this infamous quote is right. Would it be sick of me to compare this to Stockholm syndrome? After such a long time apart you can't tell what the fine line that differentiates the two is. Normal examples: Not being able to get over an ex that clearly no longer wants you. Lacking the confidence to tell an old, yet shitty friend to fuck off.

Truth be told—I say that a lot now, can't be just coincidence now can it?—I'm sick of it. No one is that important to my life's bigger picture that they can't be done with. (The same goes for you and your peers, reader.) So get your goodbyes prepped and ready people, because your time is almost up. No excuses for a poor farewell, you know who you are if you're reading this.

While you do not possess the strength to ever tear me down completely, I cannot live my life in co-existance with your abuse.

So so so so so strong.
So so so so so disappointed.


SarahBeth0991 said...

You have taken many words right out of my mouth. But I DO lack confidence.....

Pixie said...

You should have more followers! x

Alexis! said...

Sarah: I hope you round up the courage some day.

Pixie: Thank you! That means a lot to me :)