Monday, August 31, 2009

So I Googled myself..

     Today I decided to Google myself out of curiosity to how many results would be listed. To my surprise, it was 379. Not bad, considering if I were to Google a friend of mine, with an equally unique last name, they would more than likely have a considerable amount less than I do. Granted, if you Google a common name you'll get thousand of results. I don't personally know many people with really unique names, so it's kind of difficult to tell for sure.
     Here's an example of how unique my last name is- I Googled my dad's name (just first and last, not even his middle) and pulled up his page on which claims he is the only person in the United States with his exact name. Pretty cool in my opinion, I'm going to list myself after I write this.
      Another interesting tidbit, when I just Google "Mullino"-my last name-I am the 7th person listed out of over 40,000 results. I think that's pretty damn cool, even if I wish I was 1st, haha. (There's an actor in extended my family, I believe he occupies most, if not all, of the first six results.)


Anonymous said...

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Alexis Mullino said...

@ Anonymous: Thank you for reading, your comment made me smile. I'm glad you enjoy what I have written here. :) Have a wonderful day, yourself!