Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life Redecoration

     There are some things I would really like to visually change about myself before I'm 18.

My Room
Currently: This isn't even physically pertaining to me. I really want to change up my room. For so many years it's been the same: plain white walls (like the rest of our house, which is fine by me), random furniture, tons of posters and basically just trash taped up onto the walls. It's not literally trash by the way, but it's nothing I would save unless I made a box of stuff from my 'teen bedroom' walls for memories.

How I want it changed: The furniture doesn't bother me. Yeah, I hate my TV being so big, but I'm considering just doing away with it all together for more room and better feng shui.
     I really want my walls painted, two pink walls and two yellow walls, opposite of each other, and in pale hue. I'm not sure about my 'door wall'-I have five walls, the 5th just being the wall that has my door in it-but obviously one of those two colors, whichever looks best. As for the angsty 'wall decoration', I want to frame all my Manson posters and put them on my largest wall with drastic, odd space in-between them (I'll explain that in a second). Then I want to start framing photos I've been taking and place them all around my room in some sort of organized fashion, and fill in the gaps between the Manson posters making that wall the focus of the room. I want to use all different kinds of frames too, to make it really neat and trendy looking. Some with a newer style, some really old ones, really ones of all shapes and sizes to spice it up.
     On the wall opposite of that, I want to have some wall decals or something cool and simple. Everything else, undecorated for the most part.

How I'll benefit: I won't really, it's a material thing. I have never had painted walls though, and growing up I've always wanted a colorful room. I'm running out of time to squeeze a few more things out of my childhood, and this is just one of those things. Although my dad and his girlfriend say they'll turn my room into something else when I leave, a part of me thinks they won't, and that they'll keep it as my 'childhood bedroom', like people sometimes do. But who knows, they could read this tomorrow and laugh in my face and tell me I'm completely wrong. However, they'll move eventually anyway I imagine. Regardless, my main beneficiary still stands.

My Wardrobe
Currently: My problem is one that some girls would find really personal and embarassing, but I have no problem with sharing if it means that another girl might read this and not feel as alone and weird as I did. Anyway, my problem is jeans. They do NOT fit over my ass. It sounds funny-because it is-but it's so true, they just don't! Most of the time anyway. I have to find designers usually for them to fit nicely, otherwise the waist size ends up being several sizes higher than my actual size. Usually jeans I try on make me look like I shit my pants because they fall off of me because they're too big, but they're only that way so they fit over my 'trunk', haha.
     Recently I realized I am not a freak with an odd shaped body, I am just blessed! It's much easier to find jeans now that I have an idea of what brands fit me. Although being more expensive, I'm not into having tons of jeans I'd hardly wear anyway. I'd be more than happy with just 2-3 pairs that fit great than 10+ pairs that look horrible and make me feel unattractive.
     So enough about pants, now onto shirts. I have an extensive collection of tops, but a large majority of that is black Marilyn Manson t-shirts. I love Manson, and sure, I love to rock a Manson shirt once in a while, but when I look in my closet and there's nothing to choose from but blackness, I hate getting dressed that day. I want more color in my wardrobe. Wearing Manson shirts every day, for one, makes me look like someone I'm not. My appearance does not match my personality. I look like a hardcore rocker chick that isn't too thrilled about life, all because I dress so darkly and without much class or style. (Sorry if that offends anyone, but you know it's true that you come off as that regardless of your real personality. I'm an example of that.) Secondly, it makes me look obsessed with him to a creepy extent. (And hey, I might be, but not everyone needs to know! Hehe)
     One more small change is I want to learn how to walk in heels, and actually wear them. I'm tall all ready, but who cares. It's not like I have a boyfriend, a short boyfriend especially, to stand next to. =p

How I want it changed: For jeans it's pretty obvious. I need to work up the patience to go and shop for them. It's my fault honestly, I am offered new clothes all the time, I just back out because I dread the process of shopping for them and feeling disappointed when they look bad. But no longer! I will face my jeans fear soon! Haha. So tops and heels, like with the jeans, I just have to shop for once.

How I'll benefit: Just in general I'll feel so much better about myself, my confidence especially will skyrocket through the ROOF. I'm not into looks as much as some people are, I'm a little more so than average, but nothing crazy like "looks are everything". Still, I'll feel great about myself.
With heels though, I'll really benefit here. Working in corporate America as a woman almost requires you to wear heels. If you want to come off as a professional woman in the business world, you need to know how to wear heels, even if you don't wear them everyday.

     I thought I had another thing I wanted to change, but maybe I'm mistaken. The less, the better. :) We should always focus on being happy with ourselves for who we truly are on the inside first and foremost-looks aren't everything! They don't equal happiness in any case. However, being a pretty happy person, I don't see any consequence in wanting to change up a few things that don't make or break my being.

     One last thing, I got something changed today. My aunt Stacey cut and dyed my hair today at her salon for my birthday last month (I've been on vacation and sick, now was the soonest we could do it). I love it!

     She is really amazing at doing hair (and makeup!), and styles for both men and women. If you're seriously interested and live in FL (especially the Orlando area), give me a shout for more information. :)


Anonymous said...

I really love the idea of the picture frames, that sounds really cool. In my room I just have massive picture boards with lots of my photos attatched to them and hung on the wall. the problem i have is that the photos always fall of grr.
And, i sometimes have the trouble with a lack of colour in my wardrobe too. My problem is a have far too many grey clothes! I never really know what colours suit me though.
nice post :)

Anonymous said...

i looove redecorating my room haha. i like the pink and yellow walls idea. cool blog x

Geekgirl84 said...


I really really do like the haircut Alexis. It's very cute and I love the dye job as well. =)

And I totally know what you mean with jeans. I'm an ass woman myself as well. It's kind of depressing buying a pair a jeans that are larger in size not because of one's waistline but because of the backside interfering. =(

Alexis! said...

Kathryn- Ooh, I've always loved those crisscross photo-holding boards. Not sure if that's what you're talking about tho, but still =p
I wish I had a ton of grey clothes! Grey is the color that looks best on me, haha. Or used to.. I wonder if that changes?
Thank you :)

Anna- Me too :) Thanks!

Jen- lolol. They're so not even that obvious in the photo, nor the focus, haha. Thanks :D I love the cut! Short hair is so amazing, rofl. You should try it when the baby comes! Haha.
It is depressing, you're exactly right :( I'm learning a LOT of my friends have the same problem, I just didn't know!