Monday, April 26, 2010

Wheeling Weak Week: Day 1 of the Spectrum

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     Grappling the impossible is irrevocable to the incomplete person: you you you you you. Shattered and tattered, you. Flapping in the wind as a white flag, you. Since the day the war began (you) and ended in a flash instant (you).

     “Rape this world, though I much prefer my luscious new garden for unbushy penetration,” he said, cultivating a synchronized grapple with an purple arrow atop. You struck out your plow with the shebang, clambered atop its peachy peaky mouth, then inaugurated the branches of innocence you didn’t deserve and belonged to no one, not! even God.
     Your leading role in this exceptional life of squandering play has been deemed VOID by your reaction to the highest matter, yet you still stride upon my world-face today.

     Residence of the pitiful decay: Crawling Avenue within inadequate cheap pine of very few sense. The thought disgruntles instinct of kin: how could I hold resent? Logically at ease. You learned to allow death not only on your doorstep, but inside your home and inside the beds of the innocent. The bugs bit bit bit away at the kinderfeld barely watered, and you cowered outside of the doors without a sound or whisper or teakettle.
     Very well! you might have been afraid, your defense is here presented for you better than your unPowerful Point. Now we are left to speculate the right task: what of their fear trying to break down the door that you kept locked shut? If you had set them free before the wings grew, the lock might have been the only thing raped. They had to look for a window to break, that might still be unbroken, or worse, unbreakable by the laws of good window-making craftsmanship.

     Admitted and found unguilty, my qualms towards you are of the selfish cause. I care of the past not more than I care of my presence. After all, I’m not the historian of the S.S. Infinitum! I love life, and mostly, my life. I do not love your attempts to infiltrate a good thing. Spewing trash here and there, the kerosene of my last nerves. I have well over four hundred, not quite five hundred, yet enough of one hundred reasons to extinguish you in my arsenal. The right might will flip you into the abysmal…


Anonymous said...

You are in need of a life. Try to think and act for yourself,not as you think others may find neat.Neat because you have written words(which have NO connecting thoughts or associations).Try to NOT be so "intellectual".It just looks and sounds DUMB.

Alexis Mullino said...

@ Anonymous: Anything I do I do for myself, I have repeated that several times on COSA18. I am a very selfish individual, and proudly because I know my boundaries when it comes to relationships with other human beings. Regardless, I live and love life for my own purposes and goals of it.

You believe my thoughts hold no associations. Perhaps you have not read enough to see them. If you had picked up a book lately, instead of criticizing me claiming I attempt to be an "intellectual," you would have known that punctuation belongs inside of those quotations.

Also, considering you believe my attempt to seem intellectual great enough to mention, I will well-receive the compliment because I am not trying to be anything but me & happy. Good day, sir, or mada(m)|an.

Sejanoz said...


Try getting to know the person before talking smack about them, you fuckwit.

(And before you comment on my hypocrisy, I would try to find out more about you, but since you hide your identity, I can't do that, can I, you coward.)