Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Thoughts on.." Prologue & Part One- Abortion

I present to you a thought-provoking internet survey that thousands have copied and pasted all across the web for years. Although entirely irrelevant, and I add this in for humor purposes only; I imagine this survey has been responded to on more blogging websites as opposed to networking websites such as Myspace. Considering the level of intelligence I believe it requires to post slutty pictures as opposed to forming actual explanation of one's thought, though that is just my guess.

     My goal—as always—was to make this distinguishing and riveting to the reader, so I must inform you that I have answered all these questions before, but the twist is that I did so when I was only fifteen years old. Granted, there's a minute two year difference between the differing ages, but I hope it provides entertainment to have answers shown from both time periods. Unsurprisingly to me, majority of my opinions have remained the same, but for the ones that have, I am intrigued by.

     The survey covers fourteen very serious, commonly debated ethical issues of today's society, and I believe they deserve to be speculated upon solitarily due to their importance. Besides, I imagine people might feel furthermore encouraged to read my opinions on the topics if they're posted separately, as opposed to my original plan of responding to them all in a single entry. I know personally that I sometimes get a little put-off by a big wall of text, an entry of my own being a perfect example of what I mean. With all that said, I shall begin with the first topic, abortion.

Thoughts on..

Abortion 11/05/09 | Death Penalty | Prostitution | Alcohol
Gay Marriages | Illegal Immigrants | Downloading Music
Smoking | Drunk Driving | Cloning | Racism
Religion 11/13/09 | Premarital Sex | Porn


29 April 2008- A woman deserves the right to do what she wishes to with her body. Abortion should not be a form of birth control - that is selfish. Getting raped, that is a reason to have an abortion (but a choice). Or even just making a mistake at a young age. Regardless, its no ones choice but the woman's.

5 November 2009- My opinion remains the same in essence,—Don't use it as a form of birth control, abortion is justifiable with plausible reason. The only thing that's changed that was previously stated was that I do not believe it is solely the woman's choice on whether or not to follow through with an abortion.— but I do cogitate it to be relatively more hypothesized. At the age of fifteen, I hadn't been consequentially faced—thankfully—with the idea of personally having an abortion, so my perspective was only that of a spectator's, which is in reality worthless regarding this topic. It's factual that a woman cannot comprehend the idea of abortion without standing before the crossroads of choice on aborting or not aborting the cluster of cells swimming in her uterus.

     Coincidentally, just last night I happened to be speculating on the concept of abortion. I came dangerously close to convincing myself that I should start presuming my beliefs similar to those of parties pro-life. For a second in freelance conceptualizing, I selfishly declared that every creation should be provided an opportunity at life outside the womb, for they might possess the—personally—sought-after ability to add greatness and positivity to existing society. Morosely, the odds are slim. Those who have already—widely or narrowly, it doesn't matter—avoided being aborted find it so inconceivable to sacrifice their given lives—that could have not been given at all had their parent's made the opposite choice their final decision—to help others. In my opinion, unaborted individuals should be the one's most eager and inspired to be of service to fellow man, but it's also worth note that I have sworn to exploit my life for the benefit of others, making my vista basically paramount. I see it like this— a world void of abortion would increase the entire population. The numbers of those volitional to help others would inevitably go up as well, but they would have to cover a larger population, therefore rendering my theory pointless. Conclusory, we, the human race, cannot rely on the hope of one ultimate savior being born while worthless millions roam. We don't even know if that ultimate savior would ever be born.

     I do not yet want my ambiguous beliefs—there lies the reason why—to be criticized, so I shall vaguely reveal, only for comprehension purposes, that I strongly believe in the concept of a perfectly balanced pyramid system of all human beings, organized by personal purpose to the world, implemented or not. I lack belief in any variation of the definition of God. Personal religion is non-existent, I haven't yet figured out what I am to be considered, if anything at all. I find it heedless to waste valuable exuberance into the process of religious discovery, because the one thing I do know for sure is that regardless of whatever I choose the need to realize to believe in, I'll never know unquestionably if it's the truth. The only religious theorem as of now that I imagine to be personally everlasting, is the concept of saviors existing on Earth, for whatever reason or lack of.


Empress Jade said...

Such serious considerations and big questions for a young woman to contemplate. Your opinions at different life stages must be facinating for you to compare. Our thoughts are always being influenced by other people, personal and World events, our education etc.... I wish I had kept a similar journal at your age.

Alexis! said...

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, you're absolutely right, it is fascinating. I love flipping through old journals, some dating as far back as 03-04. It's wonderful to witness my personal growth and to feel like a 3rd party speculator. :)