Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Priorities

            Everyone’s priorities are different, but often it seems like some people have theirs in a constant scramble, or they’re completely lacking. I’ve never understood people like that outside of a sarcastic comment. I cannot fathom traveling through life without a set plan or set of rules for myself (outside of my instincts). Where would I be? I’d be lost, aimless, I’ve been there before. I reached my lowest of lows when I had nothing to live by or for. I lost all hope to create anything for myself, so I simply didn’t. Destruction wasn’t creation in the form I practiced.
            Today I decided it might be a good idea to publicize my priorities to help others realize the importance of their own. I’ve also come across a frequent issue in regard to how others perceive my priorities. Outside of my obligations to others, for those that feel the urge to quiz me or even ponder my doings when they should be focusing on their own, I do not want anyone to ever be confused as to what’s on my mind as far as my daily and overall plans go. I hope these listings will give the inquisitive a better insight as to why I do what I do, and maybe they will grow to understand the way in which I do them. By opening my mind to every element, I hope to crack the surface of others’. My practice isn’t typical, but I should never be doubted on serious matters, it’s a shame when I am. I never seriously doubt myself.

Daily Priorities
  • Waking up early, around 8 AM. What time I go to sleep matters less, I will always wake up at 8 without excuses the next morning. If I’m tired the next day, well, a lesson was provided to be learned from.
  • Studying a beneficial subject, physical and social sciences, to my future formal education. Science will always come before philosophy studies. I read chapters or entire predetermined books, then do citations and excerpts in respective files on my laptop.
  • Writing. I strive to write something every day if the inspiration strikes me If I don’t write, I’m thinking about writing. Actually, now that I consider it, I’m constantly thinking about writing, the English language, word painting, etc. I also write five things I’m grateful for each day - different than what I’ve written before - if I remember to do so.
  • Exercise. Bike riding, group sports if an opportunity presents itself among my friends having similar interests that day, dancing, work out videos, walking my dog(s), etc.
  • Eating right. I never eat when bored, a feat in itself considering I’m home alone all day. I only drink water and green tea. I’m happy with my body, but this and the latter are done to better my health and to tone my shape.
  • Talking to each of my best friends at least once. Too many times have I been self-consumed by my personal activities, only to lose touch with those that meant the most. (Unfortunately, one I lost for what I imagine will be forever.) It’s not that I don’t care about my friends enough to go out of my way to contact them on a daily basis, I just get so focused on my bigger plans. Sometimes that focus blocks out my daily priorities, but not just this one.
  • Share my thoughts of the day with at least one person willing to listen. Whether it be an idea, a concept, or something else to do with future writings, it doesn’t matter. I simply hope that those I share with enjoy listening.
  • Spending time with my father for at least an hour a day, if he is available. I try to spend as much time with him as I possibly can. It’s easy to get along with him, we never run out of things to talk about because our likes and dislikes are nearly identical, our thoughts in sync to a scary degree. I cannot even think of any dramatic difference of interest or opinion, I could only measure it by our levels of passion for things we both like.
  • Speaking to my mother at least once a day, if she is readily available.

Overall Priorities (In Order of Importance)
  • Helping others to the best of my present capabilities. Everything I do and strive for in life is to better my skills in doing so. Constantly improving myself for the greater good makes me happiest above anything else. Family, friends, pets, even writing and learning. Of course, to help I exercise the things I just described, but this gives me an absolute joy, never to be diminished.
  • My formal and private education. Formal, for credibility. I still have faith in learning formally by teacher and school. Private, for gaining knowledge on subjects I am personally interested in that may not be formally taught to the length I would prefer to comprehend them.
  • Overcoming on a daily, yet lifelong basis, the sexual and physical abuse I endured as a child. I place this second on my overall priorities because I feel that if it were my number one priority, it would consume me.
  • Writing memoirs. This ties into my third overall priority to a lengthy degree. Writing every story I know, from every horror I personally faced and witnessed as an outsider, every joy I felt and the ones I later resented… these will be actions that set me free, this victim crime will liberate me no matter the expensive cost.

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