Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday's Excerpts - The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey

     Until I began brainstorming and mapping out what to say in this week's preface to the excerpts, I hadn't considered the chosen book could provoke people to stop "following" COSA18 or taking my opinions and speculation seriously. The latter matters most, and without a lapse thought of reservation, I'm going to do this. To me, it's not even a big deal to feature this book. Although I still have a little tinge of embarrassment or reservation in mentioning it out loud because of how it rolls off the tongue, I'm working on it, and it's a lot less of a deal than it was when I first purchased it at Barnes & Noble five years ago.

     This week's book has been selected with my friend Jonathan in mind. I hope, hopefully not too selfishly, that he can assist me in comprehending the true, core message of what all LaVey had to say during his time on Earth as a writer, speaker, demonstrator, etc. (As I'm sure I'll help him understand Zarathustra, so he doesn't become the next Hitler, haha.)

     LaVeyan Satanism has always been an interest in the back of my mind. Ever since my marathon reading of it on the first of this month, and a while prior as well, it's reared its head as "something to have read thoroughly, and soon". I personally believe in nearly everything The Satanic Bible has to say outside of the "magic", which is not saying much. (I say "nearly" to save my back in the case I may have overlooked something I do not agree with.) To agree with The Satanic Bible's principles, you only need to accept your animal instincts. I imagine Jonathan holds the highest level of clarity in regards to The Satanic Bible over anyone else I know. It's obvious how beneficial he is to this "project," among other things.

     It would be too typical to list passages explaining how Satanism isn't about killing animals or raping children, but doing so would appear to be in defense of the religion, and I'm sure it goes without saying that defending any religion is the last of my purposes or priorities in life. What you will read here is simply some of my favorite excerpts from the book, regardless of what they entail.
     If you've got any questions about LaVeyan Satanism, you can email me. As previously hinted, I'm not an expert, nor am I practicing the religion. (I am an atheist, as it has been mentioned several times before throughout COSA18's entries.) However, I will do my very best to answer or explain any inquiries.

This Week's Book: The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey

. . . It has been said “the truth will make men free.” The truth alone has never set anyone free. It is only DOUBT which will bring mental emancipation. Without the wonderful element of doubt, the doorway through which truth passes would be tightly shut, impervious to the most strenuous poundings of a thousand Lucifers. . . . Now is the time for doubt! The bubble of falsehood is bursting and its sound is the roar of the world! (Page 39)

     A Satanist knows there is nothing wrong with being greedy, as it only means that he wants more than he already has. Envy means to look with favor upon the possessions of others, and to be desirous of obtaining similar things for oneself. Envy and greed are the motivating forces of ambition—and without ambition, very little of any importance would be accomplished. (Page 46)

Belief in reincarnation provides a beautiful fantasy world in which a person can find the proper avenue of ego-expression but at the same time claim to have dissolved his ego. This is emphasized by the roles people choose for themselves in their past or future lives.
Believers in reincarnation do not always choose an honorable character. If the person is of a highly respectable and conservative nature, he will often choose a colorful rogue or gangster, thereby fulfilling is alter-ego. Or, a woman who has much social status may pick a harlot or famous courtesan for the characterization of herself in a past life. (Page 93)

Books read this past week...
Currently working on The Origin of Species, The Book of Animal Ignorance, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
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Anonymous said...

This post could provoke people to stop following taking your ideas and speculations seriously? Ah, for whomever this affects in this way, it is best not to have them take your ideas seriously anyway.

There was an interview with LeVey that I read some time ago in which I recall him saying some pretty sensible things. I think I may have an intuitive sense of what he tried to accomplish with this but I haven't myself read beyond that interview. Why? because religion is a waste of time, I think. No matter what the reason for it.

(I think that saying religion is a waste of time, that the concept of god is both foolish and a waste which diminishes beauty, would lose you more 'followers' but you must think: have I lost any great insight in losing these people who become offended by an idea, a thought?).

Alexis Mullino said...

@ shadb: Truth, I agree to an extent. However, to convince those of the absolute truth they must first not believe. In that case, it would be good for them to read even if they don't agree right away.

I agree as well, religion is a hobby. At this point, Satanism is the religion I respect the most because it is, from what I perceive, a religion that embraces instinct. There's just a book that tells you what your instincts are, without really telling you in thorough elaboration. I think this has to do with LaVey believing people need dogma and ceremony. (Or maybe it's just ceremony, unsure.)

Shad B. said...

There's the dilemma, isn't it? The people who don't believe are the ones most willing to read your material while the people least likely to change their minds will simply ridicule your ideas and thoughts.

Basically, this is how it falls out:

A person who believes, and have no doubts as to those beliefs, are not going to be swayed by any of your words. A person who believes, but who has doubts, is already on the path of change and reading your material will do little to sway their path. A person who doesn't believe in something doesn't believe in absolute truth and is only entertaining other trains of thought (which is a good thing).

Or something like that.

Alexis Mullino said...

@ Shad B.: Good points.

Buzzard said...

The Satanic Bible: People fear what they do not understand or have been taught to fear. People will say it is evil without ever reading one word.
I encourage everyone to read it. You can download a free copy here: