Friday, December 25, 2009


     No one will ever know the truth within this secret.
     I refuse to enlighten the world, like you refuse to enlighten me.

     I'll never be sure as to why those that are supposed to be hating me have tried contacting me this holiday to wish me well. The angry, ridiculous part of me yells convincing concepts such as, "They just want to mess with you, to get them back on your mind". Okay, sure conscience, that could be true. But they'd have to be thinking of me first, and that terrifies me.

     I've never been in love I've never been in love I've never been in love I've never been in love I've never been in love I've never been in love, but I know I loved you, I loved you so willingly. You ruined everything we could have become.

     The most important thing for you to remember however, is I am never going to be sorry.


kissafrog69 said...

You are so right! People seem to come out of the woodwork during the holidays. I don't really know what their reason is, but if they have not had anything to do with you for the last 364 days, what is the point? It is a mystery one may never know why.
One the other hand, sounds like you had a nice Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Alexis! said...

For some, I believe it is so they can just say they made contact. It's ammo for a future fight.

Claudia said...

Good for you!!! As you just told me yesterday, I should not feel sorry for anything I have done. You are wise beyond your years. Your wisdom has helped me and I thank you very much. I don't feel sorry for many things now, as I have in the past. Thanks again for being you!!!!