Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy holidays everyone~!

     First of all, I want to say happy holidays, regardless of what you're celebrating. While I'm the type that gets The God Delusion (no one saw the irony in that except for me, until I pointed it out) for Christmas, I truly believe the world shouldn't need a holiday to love one another and wish good things upon fellow man. So as if it were any other day of the year, I hope today has treated you as wonderfully as you deserve.

     My family does celebrate Christmas, although non-religiously. Our holiday consists of gathering under one roof and spending time with each other after exchanging gifts, which is the smallest part of what matters to me today. From the honesty within my heart, the best part about today, and any other holiday or special occasion, is having both of my parents under one roof for an extended period of time. That means more to me than anything because it's a rarity, I live with my father and my mother is biologically my aunt, so I don't see both everyday.

      I am still sick today, but I woke up around 9:30 AM and ate a cinnabun with pecans on it. My mom arrived a little while later, and then the gift unwrapping began.

     My brother got a lot of nice gifts, his main gift from our parents being a Wii. He was really excited, they had built him up to believe that he'd be spending his Christmas money this weekend on one, and now he can just spend it on games. I'm really happy for him.

     I got a lot of nice things, too much in my opinion since I didn't do anything besides exist this year to deserve them. I actually didn't expect any of the wonderful gifts I received, except maybe the book I already mentioned and Star Trek on Blu-Ray. I was pleasantly surprised. If you're interested, here's a list I compiled earlier today for a post on Babalon

- Dell Laptop
- Hello Kitty pajamas
- Hello Kitty nail file
- Giant Hello Kitty coloring book/sketch sheets (literally, this thing is bigger than an opened calendar)- Hello Kitty gumball machine
(yes, I do enjoy Hello Kitty, lol)
- The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
- Nightlight by The Harvard Lampoon
- Tons of candy yum yum yum
- $100 cash, $50 Target gift card, & $15 Starbucks gift card
EDIT: Not sure how I could have forgotten:
- Year pass to all Universal theme parks
- Year pass to Sea World, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens

     Now it's almost time for dinner, ham, potatoes, etc. Once again, happy holidays everyone, and remember what's important—family. Maybe not your biological family, but whoever you deem your family. For me, my friends are my family. Love you all~.

     Also, check out my mom's new blog, "Life After Success, Triumph, & Love"!

P.S. Thank you mom & dad.


kissafrog69 said...

This is a wonderful picture of you and your brother! I would like to have one,"Please"! Glad you had a nice Christmas, and you share it with who you love the most. Carry on girl, you are doing great!Luv Ya!

Alexis! said...

Sure, I'll send it to your gmail address :)