Friday, July 9, 2010

30 Days to an Almost End - Day 16

A picture you think is cute


Trixie Racer said...

Just some constructive criticism.

Previously I read all of your blog posts. For the past few weeks you have been titling your posts with "30 Days to an Almost End" and I rarely click anymore. I do understand why you are doing this and also know it will only last two more weeks. However, with the title always being the same, my brain immediately discounts that there will be anything worthwhile to read. Inside me I know that this isn't true, but it is how my brain works (sorry).

Other than having unique titles for each post FOLLOWED BY "30 Days to an Almost End - Day #" I'm not sure what else to suggest. Hopefully I'm the only reader who has stopped reading because of this...

Alexis Voltaire said...

@ Trixie Racer: I understand where you're coming from. I considered changing the titles, but the effort isn't worth it to me. As you stated, it will be over soon enough anyway.

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