Monday, March 16, 2009

Daddy's 39th Birthday

(Originally written on March 16th, 2009. Posted to COSA18 on September 16th, 2009.)

     March 15th was my dad's 39th birthday. :) Happy birthday!

     On Saturday (the 14th) we went to visit our family in Tampa, and they had a cook out for my dad's birthday with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato/macaroni salad, chips, etc. We had a good time, the food was really good. Mema Kay made chocolate cake and banana pudding for dessert. Kirk missed mostly everything however, my mother picked him up from the house in Tampa and he spent the night with her. I took a ton of pictures (and some videos), which I put on Flickr today.

     Today (technically yesterday because it's 1:30am, haha) we had a party here at home for my dad. Stephanie, Lisa's friend Audra, and Lisa's parents Chuck and Peggy came over. We had caesar salad, chicken marsala, and spaghetti. For dessert we had teramasou, cannolis, and gelato. I took pictures/videos today as well.

     The presents my dad got overall: G1 phone, Pizzazz pizza maker, bike gloves, bike tire gauge, lemoncello, Barnes & Noble gift card, book light, $50, and a picture I drew him with a quote of Arthur Schopenhauer.

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