Sunday, May 31, 2009

I have a serious problem

(Originally written on May 31st, 2009. Posted to COSA18 on September 14th, 2009.)

Me: (2:07:49 AM) GOD I LOVE SPOCK
My Friend: (2:08:47 AM) HES PRETTY CUTE
Me: (2:08:56 AM) I FKN KNOW
Me: (2:09:37 AM) I got all bothered in the shower thinking about how many members there might be to a star trek forums community rofl
Me: (2:09:42 AM) jk obv but it did cross my mind
My Friend: (2:10:39 AM) lmao
Me: (2:10:49 AM) I just can't get over him
Me: (2:11:01 AM) I think it's a serious problem when all you think about is spock and you're a 16 year old girl
My Friend: (2:11:02 AM) can we talk about it?
Me: (2:11:02 AM) UGH FML
Me: (2:11:05 AM) CAN WE?!?
My Friend: (2:11:07 AM) lol

and then

Me: (2:11:50 AM) oh spock
Me: (2:11:52 AM) wherever you are!
Me: (2:11:55 AM) warp to me plz!
My Friend: (2:11:58 AM) lmao
Me: (2:12:07 AM) I want a shirt
Me: (2:12:08 AM) omfg
Me: (2:12:10 AM) that says
Me: (2:12:18 AM) "I only date half-vulcans"
Me: (2:12:21 AM) OMFG I MADE A SHIRT
My Friend: (2:12:29 AM) lmao

NEW AGENDA: Find and marry Spock.

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